Cold is the colour of crystal

For a moment there, I thought we might get through this winter without a snow hype event here in Portlandia – we're past the point on the calendar where snowfall typically happens – but no. The weather computers say we could get some of the white stuff Thursday through Saturday.

Now, I don't watch the local news on TV any more – I kind of drifted away from it, and my life went on – but I'm sure the local weather prognosticators will be going nuts with this forecast all week, or for as long as it's in the realm of possibility. Next thing you know, some reporters will be sent up to the Sylvan Overpass, which is kind of like the Slauson Cutoff was to Johnny Carson, to see if it's snowing on the Sunset Highway.

I wouldn't mind a few inches on the ground for a couple of days. It's always a grand time to get on the cross-country skis and shuffle around the neighborhood. But since nobody goes anywhere these days, I guess we won't have a day off from our usual duties unless the power goes out. I wouldn't be up for that.

Don't bet on any real snow. But you never know.