Analog days

With much work to be done this weekend, I have been enjoying some of my old cassette mix tapes in the background. One of them is at least 40 years old. It collected, on one side, what I liked most from David Bowie up to the point at which I made it, and on the other, what I liked most from the Pretenders.

In the decades after that tape was put together, Bowie and the Pretenders cranked out many, many more great songs. But my tape shows why some of us were so drawn from them right from their early days. The music is a lot richer through my headphones this weekend than it's been through the cobwebs of my mind over the years. Anyway, God rest Bowie and God bless Chrissie Hynde, wherever she is.


  1. I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable music person with decent taste but I utterly and completely whiffed on Bowie. I thought Space Oddity was a cool one off but I hated his stuff from the 80's when I was a teen so I never bothered going any deeper,. even though it was all right there. I suppose it was akin to hearing "Part Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder and immediately declaring him a hack. After Bowie died I thought that I should give it another go and I devoured the Spiders/Mick Ronson era stuff and went from there (almost obsessively). What a treasure trove of amazing music.

  2. They're older, like all of us, but Chrissie and the boys still have something left in the tank.


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