Where are the rubber bullets?

Watching the riots at the U.S. Capitol, I have many questions. But most of them are for law enforcement.

Where is the tear gas?

Where is the pepper spray?

Where are the rubber bullets?

Where are the vicious dogs?

Where are the billy clubs?

Where are the paddy wagons?

If these people were Black, they'd be dead.

If these people were Brown, they'd be dead.

If these people were Asian, they'd be dead.

If these people were Native, they'd be dead.

The only conclusion I can reach is that the cops are fine with the riots at the Capitol. They fully sympathize.

Makes you wonder who's going to pry Trump out of the White House.


  1. Am pretty sure that the Capitol Cops were trained in Portland.

  2. The police were taking selfies with the seditious mob in the capitol

    1. I saw one video that appeared to show a handful of Capitol police literally leading the parade into the building.


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