The dairy heir is a Trump backer

Oh, boy. Get your popcorn going. This is getting to be fun.

The filings show Cadonau made six contributions to WinRed, a Republican PAC. Two of those filings were earmarked for Donald J. Trump for President Inc., three for the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, and one for a PAC supporting Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

In total, Cadonau has donated $202 to WinRed. The filings show one Sept. 26, 2020, contribution of $50 earmarked for Graham's campaign, and five separate Oct. 18, 2020, donations totaling $152 earmarked for the two Trump PACS. FEC filings do not indicate any additional contributions from Cadonau.

Wow. How are his clients going to react? Not only to the fact that he's a Republican, but also that he's so cheap. Five separate donations totaling $152? He probably bills that much for 15 minutes.

You wonder what other rocks the reporters are turning over. There's a moral here, kids.


  1. This story needs more lawyer jokes.

  2. and his wife is a plaintiff in the Christian schools case challenging the school shut down executive order on freedom of religion grounds...


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