Take a number? There aren't even any numbers.

A friend of mine writes:

Since your blog has been dealing with the same topic, I thought you might be interested in my experiences trying to get vaccinated through the Portland VA.

I am a 75-year-old disabled veteran who receives healthcare at the Portland VA Medical Center. A few weeks ago, the Veterans Administration emailed that they would be giving Covid vaccinations to every veteran who wants one. The email did not set out a schedule for vaccinations.

Last Monday I was at the VA for a blood test and asked about the schedule for vaccinations. I was told that no schedule had been released.

Three days later, on Thursday, in  response to my email inquiry, the Portland VA sent the following: “At this point there is no list or guidelines.”

Yesterday, Friday, a buddy who is exactly my age but not disabled and not in as high a risk group but lives in California, received his first vaccination at the Sacramento VA. Meanwhile, in Portland, NO SCHEDULE HAS BEEN RELEASED.

Today, Saturday, the news from Los Angeles is that veterans are receiving their second shots. But in Portland, NO SCHEDULE HAS EVEN BEEN RELEASED.

This morning’s Oregonian contains the headline: “Deaths skyrocket in December/The death toll last month nearly equaled first six months of the pandemic combined.”


As you can tell, he's not a happy camper.

They had nine months to get ready for this.


  1. Vancouver VA, on the other hand, has been vaccinating vets.


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