Right for the gig

I've been thinking for a few days now about who should be running the Covid vaccine distribution in Oregon. It shouldn't be some faceless bureaucrat with no medical cred, and it shouldn't be some ridiculous 27-person committee with a P.C. agenda.

It should be a medical person with government and management experience, public trust, and a history of getting things done.

Up until now, the two names that came to mind were John Kitzhaber and Knute Buehler. But this morning, I came across this tweet:

You know, I don't think much of what Amanda Fritz did on the Portland Cty Council. Just drive around the horror-movie set known as downtown Portland and you can see what she and Chloe Eudaly left us as they departed their offices last week.

But something tells me Fritz would be pretty good as a vaccine distribution czar. She's been on the front lines of health care, albeit many years ago. She understands bureaucracies, both medical and governmental. She's run big operations. A lot of people like her. And from her tweet, she seems to grasp how inept the state's efforts have been so far.

Maybe Kate Brown should give her a call.