Out of Twitter jail

Well, I have done my time. I have paid my debt to society. My week-long ban from the popular social media platform Twitter has run out, and now I can tweet, reply, retweet, and like to my heart's content. If I behave.

I was cited for three offenses, which in my opinion were all bogus. But I wan't allowed to appeal on two of them; Twitter just locked me out.

A few things to note, then, and let's be done with it. First, Twitter will now take you out over sharp rhetoric that has previously been freely allowed since the beginnings of Twitter. I guess that in order to get rid of Orange Caligula, they had to show how tough they are on other people, particularly people who express their disgust with the outgoing President and his enablers.

Second, I can't believe that a Twitter robot or algorithm picked me up for punishment. I strongly suspect that there are agents on the right who are aggressively reporting to the Twitter authorities posts that do not in fact violate any rules, but are just strong statements. 

And finally, the Twitter types are giving the complainants, not the tweeters, the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, it's nice to be back posting on Twitter, I guess. I haven't wasted enough time this week. But my view of Twitter has been downgraded. They're heading into Facebook territory in my book, and that's not a compliment.

I've been thrown out of better places.