Meanwhile, in anarchist news

While we all recoil in horror at what the extreme right has done to our country over the past couple of weeks, the extreme left of Portland is still at it. I read with sadness last night that the black-clad avengers have now vandalized City Commissioner Dan Ryan's house seven times because he wouldn't vote the way they demanded on the police budget.

Gee, can't we afford to have cops keep an eye on the poor guy's house?  Seven times they've done it.

They have also been disrupting the operations of Powell's Books for a couple of days, because Powell's is selling a book by a guy they don't like. The attention, of course, will sell more of the book than the author ever could have hoped for. But the kids in black don't really care about that. This is all about showing the world what badasses they are.

This city will never come back from the dead until they are dealt with.


  1. Makes you wonder why anyone would want to serve in city government, especially Portland city government. I also suspect that at least some of the congressional GOP anti-impeachment votes were motivated by a fear of Deplorable violence against representatives and their families. Democracy 2021: Welcome.



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