Let me tell you how it will be

If you're sad that everything has ground to a halt during the pandemic, cheer up! The State of Oregon is still on a roll.

For example, Salem hasn't stopped working on new ways to shake you down for money. An alert reader got an email invitation to put a mileage tracker on his car that will talk straight to the state government. They'll even pay money to those serving as guinea pigs.

Before long, everyone with a car will be required to have one of these, and the state will bill you every month or so for using the roads. They'll probably keep the gas tax in place, too, and slap up some tolls on all the highways that go where you need to get every day.

What will they do with all that money – maintain and improve the roads? Don't be silly. The moolah will be used to build unwanted trains, take away travel lanes, and otherwise make your life miserable because you have the nerve to own a private automobile. Plus the wonderful apartment developers will get a well-deserved subsidy. Go by streetcar!

Eventually, there'll be a turnstile on your front door, and you'll pay to use the sidewalks. Plus, don't forget, you're breathing their air.

So see? It isn't all shut down. Quit your bellyachin'. 


  1. Can't wait for the front door turnstile! Let's hope we can customize them. I want mine in hot pink!

  2. Blame trump, nothing else matters. Cobalt mining however may expand in Oregon under the current, endless? state regime, the irony. Are there even cobalt deposits out in all those endless andesite piles east? Lol.


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