Is "WTF" a word?

They held the first meeting of the 27-person Oregon coronavirus vaccine advisory committee today. They spent an hour and a half introducing themselves. There must have been some hack meeting facilitator on hand, too, because everybody had to "share" their "word of the day."

The advisory committee held a meet-and-greet on Tuesday. But it took an hour and a half just to get through introductions during Thursday’s first official meeting as committee members were asked to share their word of the day.

One committee member told KOIN 6 News that at this pace they won’t be done until August and pointed out that Oregon is already behind other states in vaccine distribution and with simply holding vaccine advisory committee meetings.

State health leaders had planned on vaccinating 100,000 people by the end of December but a week into the new year the state has administered just 55,000 of the nearly 211,000 doses it’s received.

What a crapshow. Kate Brown, for the love of God. People are dying. People's livelihoods are being destroyed. Cut the comedy. Let's go!


  1. I was stunned. The first 16 minutes of the most important meeting of 2021 that will impact every Oregonian and untold others was purposely facilitated like an emotional support meeting. First, the committee members were told to express "thoughts and feelings" about the riot in DC, next, the group was led in prayer, then followed by an introduction of a committee member who spiraled into an emotional declaration of "we were here first" that smacked of ethnic one-upmanship, finally, the facilitator invited committee members to enter the "space" of the meeting (I suppose one's eyes staring into webcam on Zoom screen was not enough to attest presence). I don't know, maybe planning the distribution of vaccine that will save lives during a pandemic cannot occur without such wokeness being honored. Oops, only 44 minutes left to save Oregonians and the Oregon economy. Let us meditate. Ommmmm....

  2. I think that is a Portland thing. Most meetings I've been to that involve Portland officials consist of long introductions and no content that follows. I think it is passive aggressive.

  3. The highest priority is to make sure no one gets vaccinated out of the fully equitable sequence. Imagine the horror in discovering later that someone had inadvertently been jabbed ahead of someone else deemed more deserving. A corrective denial of the follow up jab would then be needed. Perhaps a separate denial committee is needed.


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