He's more polite than I

 Here's an interesting message that's making the rounds for the Republican Party.


  1. Seriously? How far do you think that ANY Republican will get into this litany of insults and accusations, even if they are true? The audience for this video is Democrats and this guy's family. Clever production (GOP's decision as black and white), but this is not how you talk to people whose minds you want to change.

  2. The only way to change cultist’s minds is brain surgery, so you’re right to a point.
    The benefit to this sort of thing is if it gets some libs out of the perpetual cringe/crouch that they adopted in about 1980 and have never lost, the famous “don’t take their own side in a fight” problem. Seriously, the Right understands the power of giving the choir the message OVER and OVER and OVER again until they can repeat it in their sleep (see, Seth Rich, etc.). The more guys like this are willing to just slam home basic reality 101 and the more folks who aren’t in the cult see it, the more the message will take in society.

    We’re done trying to persuade GOPsters, we have been shown that it’s no more useful than the Czechs trying to reason with the Nazis.

    1. "Basic reality 101": If so-called "libs" aren't taking their own side, they are not libs. I'm sure your strategy of hating 40 percent of the U.S. population will be very productive. Good luck.

  3. David Roberts (DrVolts) has an excellent Twitter thread on point:



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