Got to admit, it's getting better

Well, the outcome of the Georgia Senate runoffs sure is inspiring. Ding dong, the witch is dead. Mitch the Traitorous Turtle is no longer running things. That's great news.

But it's not going to be a picnic, by any means.

Now we're going to see the more subtle villains on the blue side on full display. Particularly in the Senate. A lot of what a majority of the American public wants still isn't going to happen, because we have DINOs like Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Jon Tester from Montana to deal with.

And don't kid yourself, people like Chuck Schumer (New York), Ron Wyden (face it, also New York), Patty Murray (Washington), and Cory Booker (New Jersey) all have corporate backers to answer to. They'll probably play dumb, and let Manchin and Tester take the heat, but none of them are dumb.

Remember the first two years of Obama. They had between 58 and 60 senators, and all they got done was a stimulus that a kindergarten class could have written, and the Blue Cross-Kaiser hash known as Obamacare.

And for the whole eight years, the obscene wealth inequality just got worse and worse. Obama & Co. were all quite palsy-walsy with the Jamie Dimons of the world. 

So no, I won't be singing "Happy Days Are Here Again" too loudly today. But I am a heck of a lot happier than I would have been had we lost or split yesterday's doubleheader.

And now on to the end of the Trump circus. Two more weeks of the greatest crapshow on earth. I've got a feeling the finale is really going to be something. I hope not too many more people have to die to get his sorry behind out of the people's house and down to Florida, or hell, or wherever he's going. 

Scotland doesn't want him. Nobody with any decency does.


  1. What's the difference between Florida and hell again?


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