Four dead in D.C.

Four of the idiots who staged their riot at the U.S. Capitol today died of one cause or another.

One woman was shot dead, reportedly by a police officer. The first reports are that the other three had separate medical emergencies. The Twitterverse (which is not too reliable, but usually vaguely right) reports that one of them accidentally tased himself or herself to death.

What a stupid thing to die for – Donald Fucking Trump. 

The loss of these lives is tragic, no matter how ignorant and bigoted the deceased were. But Orange Caligula doesn't care. This is all part of the beautiful wind-down of his glorious reign.

It's a profoundly sad time for our country. Saddest in my lifetime, by a large measure. I cried for months after 9/11, but this is a whole 'nother level of darkness.


  1. Silver lining: The occupation probably shaved about 10% of (more or less) of conventional (i.e., non Qanon, etc.) GOP supporters from his base.


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