Everything must go

We're down to a day and change before Orange Caligula flies off to the rest of his wretched life. Oh, how we're waiting for that moment of blessed relief. Few moments have been longed for so fervently.

But I think we have a few more waves of outrage coming over that horrible man.

The first will come tomorrow morning, when the pardons and sentence commutations are supposed to be revealed. We will curse and swear, as we have so often over the last four years.

The next wave will come when the Biden people get settled in and discover all the hideous crap that the Batman villains have done that nobody has heard about. It will be jaw-dropping.

And there will be a third wave of outrage, when attempts are made to bring him to justice. The impeachment trial, maybe even criminal charges, and countless civil suits. He will behave like the wounded animal he's been all his life. He will jerk everyone's chain until he is dead.

So do get the champagne iced and ready for the inauguration. But keep the Excedrin handy, too.


  1. Yeah...I concur. I've been fervently hoping that the legal situation will degrade to the point that he will feel like fleeing the country. To Abu Dubai, or Baku. Then, while he's out, we change the locks.

    1. He IS fleeing the country. He's going to Florida.

  2. I hope the door hits him in the ass on his way out.


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