Damage control at Foley & Lardner

A big bucks Milwaukee law firm is scrambling to try to establish that they didn't know that one of their partners in D.C. was helping Orange Caligula pressure state elections officials to falsify results and throw the election to him.

But they sure can't deny that she did it. The New York Times definitely has the goods on one Cleta Mitchell:

Her work for Mr. Trump drew widespread attention for the first time over the weekend, when a recording was released of an hourlong call in which Mr. Trump threatened Georgia elections officials with “a criminal offense” if they failed to “find” enough votes to change the state’s presidential results.

On the call, Ms. Mitchell repeatedly jumped in to help Mr. Trump, showing an intimate level of involvement in his efforts as they made baseless claims about the election and pressed Georgia officials to hand over election data.

It's one thing to say nothing when you know your client's about to commit a crime. It's quite another to aid and abet the client while he is doing so.

Shame on her. Shame on the firm.

The other Trump lawyer on the call was an Atlanta-area guy, Kurt Hilbert. He looks more like what you'd expect.


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