Cliff's first step lands in a pile

The rookie congressman from the red parts of Oregon, Cliff Bentz, voted against certifying the Pennsylvania Presidential electors last week. That'll cost him. He is probably going to lose a fair amount of financial support as a result. Quite a few Republican donors, including some big ones like Disney and WalMart, are now treating the "no" voters as radioactive.

As well they should.

Oh, and the deadly assault on the Capitol? Just a "protest gone wrong," says Old Cliff.

“I would not describe today as a ‘coup.’ I would call it a protest gone really wrong, really bad,” Bentz told The Oregonian/OregonLive. “As far as judging the president, I don’t see how that’s very productive right now.”

It was Bentz's fourth day on the job. There will be no honeymoon period. He is now confirmed as being on the far right wing of his party. 

Which is about right for a guy from Idaho. Bentz is from Ontario, which might as well be Idaho. He'll probably make Greg Walden look like a liberal before he's through.


  1. Although Ontario may be reticent about being part of Idaho if the city loses the cannabis revenue stream.


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