Brown administers first dose of bureaucratic Ex-Lax

Today comes news that the Oregon health authorities have stopped strutting around singing equity hymns long enough to try to do something meaningful on the Covid vaccination front. They're sending out the National Guard tomorrow when an outfit called Salem Health will be inoculating people – I assume only its workers – at the state fairgrounds.

I'm not sure how much good the Guard is going to do, but at least it's something different. A small step in the right direction.

I think more important is that they're saying that all health care workers in the "1A" group can now get their shots, if their employers can get their hands on The Precious. That's 400,000 people, apparently. But if you don't work in a hospital or a nursing home – if you're in a doctor's office, for instance – your employer probably can't get it.

The people running this are in over their heads. But at least they're starting to act as if they realize that. Let's hope the new federal administration gives them the cover they need to put somebody competent in charge without losing face.