At the Ravine, a revision

It looks as though California is starting to get its act together on Covid vaccination now, after its initial response was almost as weak as what's currently going on here in Oregon. Over the weekend they announced that Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, which has been the nation's largest Covid testing site, is switching over to vaccination starting tomorrow.

The county’s testing capacity will be reduced temporarily during the transition at the sites, but the change will more than triple the daily number of vaccines available for Angelenos.... On Friday, Gov. Gavin Newsom set a goal of administering vaccines to 1 million additional people over the following nine days, acknowledging that the state’s effort to distribute the lifesaving supplies has been “not good enough.”

We all need to keep the pressure on the politicians and bureaucrats to step on the gas and move us toward the end of this nightmare as quickly as possible. It's been 10 months now. It's ruining far too much.