Are the anarchists destroying the Portland economy?

They're still at it – boy, are they ever. And it's becoming clear that the business world wants no part of this town.

I can't say that I blame the business people. This is ridiculous.

It really is up to the mayor, F. Ted Wheeler, to do something. Instead he keeps talking about needing new "tools" and pointing the finger of blame at Salem. Meanwhile, 200 or so young people have managed to bring the town to its knees.

If you thought it was going to slow down after Trump, look at the photos from this afternoon and this evening. And it isn't going to slow down after Covid, either.

The mayor is runninng out of time before he's removed from office. The people with investments to salvage just need to figure out whom they're going to put up to replace him. Once the new person on the right is identified, the money will join with the lefties and take Wheeler out.

Former Mayor Creepy is hovering around. Maybe the West Hills people will run him, for lack of anyone better. Maybe Charlie Hales will come back. Maybe one of the county commissioners will cut a deal.

I can't tell whether Wheeler doesn't see that he's in trouble, or he doesn't care. He doesn't need the money, or the aggravation. Maybe he's bailing out. He looks like a guy who's bailing out. He's looked like that for quite a while.