Apples from a bad barrel

Among the ne'er-do-wells participating in the Capitol "demonstrations," which eventually became riots, on Wednesday were "at least two" Seattle police officers. They're on leave now, while the higher-ups try to figure out exactly how badly the cops behaved.

Newsweek editor reports that two of the "at least two" are husband and wife cops, and that they posted photos of themselves in D.C., with a retired Seattle police officer, on social media.

How many Portland police were there? How many Oregon state troopers? How many sheriff's deputies from Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Clark Counties? I suspect there were at least a few. 

And how far did they go?

Is anybody else asking?

Their vacation records are public, I think.

They all have cell phones, and I'm sure the phones were all switched on. If they went inside the Capitol, there are receipts. 


  1. Wonder how many Oregon tax profs and lawyers were there? We should seize their phones, follow their social media footprints, and track their credit cards! They won't get away with this!


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