Another casualty

One of the Capitol police has died from injuries he suffered at the Wednesday Trump riot. His name is Brian Sicknick. He was from New Jersey originally.

Nexstar Media Group, which owns several local news stations, reported he was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher and suffered a stroke. 

Ironically, Sicknick was from all appearances an avid Trump supporter

His death seems likely to be classified as murder. We'll see what it is in the hands of Mr. Garland, I guess.


The FBI is putting out wanted posters with many of the rioters' photos on them. They'll pretty much all be identified. They were foolish enough not to wear masks. One guy is the CEO of a company in Chicago. A few are police officers from other cities. A handful are state legislators.

They should all be facing serious consequences. Somebody had better make some examples out of them. Because it isn't over, and it won't be over any time soon. The less it costs, the bigger the mob will be next time.

What a sad era.