And now, a message for the dumb kids

The stupidity of our countrymen and countrywomen is deeper than I could ever have imagined. Here's a tidbit from a message that the Oregon Health Authority just felt the need to send out by email. I wish we were not this thick, but the OHA is probably correct that some of us need to have this explained:

Got it, Jethro?


  1. This is really an indictment of our educational system and the massive failures teaching young people how to think, reason, and how to discern facts from mistruths.

    1. This is not just the young kids though. Look at Congress. Look at your neighbors with all their silly signs espousing their ill-defined feel-good beliefs. Look at what passes for the Fourth Estate these days. Look at the state of this city. Critical thinking has gone the way of the dodo bird in America and especially in the echo chamber of strongly Red or Blue (looking at you, PDX) locales.


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