Among the traitors

We're nearly three days After Trump now, but I'm still roaming around the house in a fog. I feel like I just woke up from anesthesia, and the doctor said, "Don't make any important life decisions for the next 24 hours." That's probably the way the country should behave for a month.

But I did take a peek at this story in yesterday's New York Times that described an event, connected to the Capitol insurrection, that had escaped my notice, in all the chaos, until now:

In one episode that many Republicans said was especially troubling, a political arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association, known as the Rule of Law Defense Fund, paid for a robocall before Jan. 6 that called on “patriots like you” to “march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal.”

The existence of the call, which several Republican attorneys general have since disavowed and said they were unaware of, underscored the extent to which Mr. Trump’s die-hard supporters were leaning on elected officials to support his spurious fraud claims. Two people with direct knowledge of tense discussions that took place among the attorneys general after word of the call leaked said that a donor had demanded it and made a contribution contingent upon its release.

Wow. Republican attorneys general. The highest law enforcement officers in their states. They incited it, too. Shame on each and every one of them. All 25, across this badly damaged country.

Why do we even have a "Republican Attorneys General Association," or a "Democratic Attorneys General Association"? What the heck is wrong with us?