The lowest of the no-goodniks

An alert reader sends along this link to a list of 126 members of Congress (all from the Trump Party) who signed on as friends of the court ("amici curiae") in the absurd lawsuit by the State of Texas to throw out the votes of millions of American citizens.

The legal action was so misguided that even the Trump appointees couldn't go for it. Justices Thomas and Alito filed a separate opinion that seemed like a condolence card. But the suit was thrown out. It's history.

We should all take a look at the list and remember who the scoundrels were. Greg Walden and Jaime Herrera-Beutler managed to stay away, but from Washington State the "amici" were Dan Newhouse from Yakima and Hanford, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers from Spokane (both pictured). The two geniuses from Idaho signed on, of course – Mike Simpson and Russ Fulcher. From California, they had in their ranks Doug LaMalfa from Redding, Tom McClintock from Tahoe and Yosemite, Kevin McCarthy from Bakersfield, and Ken Calvert from Corona (south of Pomona).

And so if you're giving voodoo dolls for Christmas or Chanukah, be sure to include these folks.

Unfortunately, the person who owns the spreadsheet has made it impossible to copy from, or to export to your computer. At least, I can't get through her defenses. But for the moment, at least, we have the link.

UPDATE, a few minutes later: Another alert reader pointed out that some Oregon politicians did in fact try to get in on the act, in their own crude way:


  1. The purpose of the lawsuit was to throw out the votes of millions of Americans? That's factually inaccurate (once again). The purpose of the lawsuit had to do with election fraud. It'll be like so many of the news stories lately. From Hunter Biden to Vladimir Putin we're spoon-fed one narrative until it doesn't matter anymore if the truth emerges.

    Remember how many times Joe Biden said his son did nothing wrong, and it was all a debunked smear campaign? Oh, and Brennan had 50 intel alums saying the whole thing looked like Russian disinformation. Well, now that it's safe to tell the truth it turns out Hunter is in real trouble and his emails indicate that Joe Biden got 10% of the loot. The same Joe Biden who insisted he didn't know a thing about Hunter's business activities, even as he flew the Crackhead in Chief to China on Air Force 2.

    I predict that once this is all over with the election, the truth will emerge again: It really was stolen and stolen in a big way. As I said hours after it happened, they stole it fair and square and it kind of makes up for Bush and Cheney stealing their first election in Florida, and their second one in Ohio.

    So go ahead and try and make this a morality play with the Dems as the noble protectors of millions of Americans votes. You might as well do some virtue signaling here and I know you're delusional enough to convince yourself.

    When the dust settles I predict history will record that the Dems ripped off the American People. Be smug and sanctimonious all you want - it's not going to last. Of course, like with the ridiculous Russian secret agent story about Trump, you'll just move on to the next steaming pile of bullshit without even a second thought.

    I'm focusing more on hoping we get through the next few weeks without some serious sectarian violence. Emotions run high when it involves a thief.

    1. You are entitled to your opinions.

    2. I wouldn’t say that the election was stolen. What happened is what the Democrats were pushing for all along. Wipe out any and all election safeguards and allow mass mail-in voting to happen before all of the kinks could be worked out. And on top of that change the rules of the game while the game was in process and not hold the ballots up to any real scrutiny.

      Heck, even before the election there were numerous articles in supposed respectable publications saying that mail in voting has a lot of problems and that something like 10% or so of ballots have problems. I would like to see the actual numbers state by state of ballots that were invalidated due to problems compared to the data from the experts going into the thing. Then and only then can I be satisfied.

    3. America has had many years to solve the problems of a vulnerable election system. Remember "hanging chads"? There are solutions out there, but the politicians can't get anything done. And won't.

    4. This was a much more egregious level of corruption than the hanging chads. Try spikes that came in after the count was stopped where Biden got numbers like 120,000 votes in 8 seconds. The counts were stopped so they could determine how many votes it was going to take to catch Trump and then maintain the lead.

      One really annoying part of this is hearing over and over how the Dems are the party of science. When they wanted Assange to be the recipient of stolen emails hacked by the Russians, they ignored computer science and the best computer experts in the world. Why? Because they had to to sell their ridiculous story.

      If you look at these voting numbers scientifically the conclusion hammers you over the head. That's why the Dems are hiding behind noble platitudes about defending our right to vote. They've disregarded the actual vote of the America People to put the Grifter from the Basement in power.

      It was a crime and they'll probably get away with it. Of course at some point it will become common knowledge - or so I predict - but by then we'll be way past doing anything about it. Just as they ran out the clock on Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

    5. The great George Packer at the Atlantic is thinking of you Bill:

      Trump’s barrage of falsehoods—as many as 50 daily in the last fevered months of the 2020 campaign—complemented his unconcealed brutality. Lying was another variety of shamelessness. Just as he said aloud what he was supposed to keep to himself, he lied again and again about matters of settled fact—the more brazen and frequent the lie, the better. Two days after the polls closed, with the returns showing him almost certain to lose, Trump stood at the White House podium and declared himself the winner of an election that his opponent was trying to steal.

      This crowning conspiracy theory of Trump’s presidency activated his entitled children, compliant staff, and sycophants in Congress and the media to issue dozens of statements declaring that the election was fraudulent. Following the mechanism of every big lie of the Trump years, the Republican Party establishment fell in line. Within a week of Election Day, false claims of voter fraud in swing states had received almost 5 million mentions in the press and on social media. In one poll, 70 percent of Republican voters concluded that the election hadn’t been free or fair.

      So a stab-in-the-back narrative was buried in the minds of millions of Americans, where it burns away, as imperishable as a carbon isotope, consuming whatever is left of their trust in democratic institutions and values. This narrative will widen the gap between Trump believers and their compatriots who might live in the same town, but a different universe. And that was Trump’s purpose—to keep us locked in a mental prison where reality was unknowable so that he could go on wielding power, whether in or out of office, including the power to destroy.

      For his opponents, the lies were intended to be profoundly demoralizing. Neither counting them nor checking facts nor debunking conspiracies made any difference. Trump demonstrated again and again that the truth doesn’t matter. In rational people this provoked incredulity, outrage, exhaustion, and finally an impulse to crawl away and abandon the field of politics to the fantasists.

      For believers, the consequences were worse. They surrendered the ability to make basic judgments about facts, exiling themselves from the common framework of self-government. They became litter swirling in the wind of any preposterous claim that blew from @realDonaldTrump. Truth was whatever made the world whole again by hurting their enemies—the more far-fetched, the more potent and thrilling. After the election, as charges of voter fraud began to pile up, Matthew Sheffield, a reformed right-wing media activist, tweeted: “Truth for conservative journalists is anything that harms ‘the left.’ It doesn’t even have to be a fact. Trump’s numerous lies about any subject under the sun are thus justified because his deceptions point to a larger truth: that liberals are evil.”

    6. Let me explain again when I first went, "hmmm..." It was when the vote in Georgia had to be stopped because of a broken water main that just so happened to have taken place in the room with the absentee ballots. Darn the luck. Later that story turned out to be bullshit. If you can explain how a broken water main can stop a vote when there was no broken water main, then fire away.

      "Truth was whatever made the world whole again by hurting their enemies." Do you realize how classic that statement is from a party that insisted for years that Trump was a Russian secret agent working for his handler Vladimir Putin?

  2. And China, and Venezuela, and Cuba, and the CIA, and Mexico, Fox News, Flagstaff Arizona, don't forget Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino.

  3. If it walks, talks and quacks like a Trumper....


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