The last chapter begins

We still have about a month to go in the reign of Orange Caligula, and he's mighty tired of sitting alone in the dark with his phone, tweeting about how he actually won the election. And so he's going to make everything about himself again, for as long as he can. 

The mainstream media. of course, are happy to oblige.

So here's tonight's episode. 

The pardons have begun. He's starting with no-name loyalists and dark assassins. But this will build up to a crescendo of household names, including himself probably.

Oh, and that stimulus package that the dolts on the Hill labored so hard over? The Emperor may veto it.

Remember, everything has to be about him. Then it will all make sense.

Well, whatever. He may be the law tonight, but in a month, he will be a man on the run from the law. Or dead.