The Hawthorne terrorists all walked

At least for now, all of the charges against the three people arrested on Thanksgiving Eve have been dropped. The d.a.'s office declined to prosecute unless or until the police can come up with better evidence against the suspects.

The cops say they're still looking. Boy, those guys do not exactly inspire confidence, do they?

It's been quiet the last couple of nights. That usually means trouble is brewing. God save the tree.


  1. How irritating and this time it's personal. I was in that store innocently buying half a pumpkin pie just hours before this happened. I will say they did a first class job putting up the plywood later on most of the ground floor windows. It looks like a design element - not your typical rushed plywood job. Of course the slogans aren't on it yet.

    Hey, I know how to take everyone's mind off this:

    The idea is the 205 freeway looks like it's coming out of my arm.


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