The Emerald City is no longer a gem

Here's a hard-right take on what's happening in our big neighbor to the north. It's Sinclair stuff, so take it with a grain of salt, but it's not that far removed from reality.

To me it resembles what's happening here in Portland. We went from white bread to the red house in just a few decades. Where we were at the outset was not pretty. Where we are now is much worse.

For years, we wished the in-migration would stop. Maybe it will now, given how badly things are going. But we didn't want it to happen this way.

I don't like the Sinclair viewpoint. Among many other flaws, it's unnecessarily cruel. But the images in this documentary are not staged. This is where we are, and we would do well to face it.


  1. I live a short ferry from Seattle. It used to be an adventure to go "over town" as they say on this island. But I avoid it all now for reasons more than this. Congestion and irritable people mostly, all exacerbated by closed roads, streets, and bridges and too many people....oh so much is wrong. Also, I don't care for Sinclair's posture, either, but this piece (which I watched last night) showed me things I did not realize. And yes, this is where we are. It's horrifying. City Council and Mayor aside (new blood and all that), much swift change is needed. If it's not already too late.

  2. I was struck by what the woman being interviewed said when asked about housing. I think her response was spot on when she said that all the behavior people see on the streets will just move indoors behind closed doors. Ala, Bud Clark Commons. If Portland is just as similar Seattle and we assume that 9 out of 10 people on the streets are addicts, then all that bond money Metro is getting will just go to providing place for people to continue their behavior indoors.

    Truth be told, I don't think there is any desire on the part of the City and the poverty and social services industries to be successful. If they were, they'd work themselves out of a job.

    1. Nail: head, John. Most of Portland's bond money for housing has been wasted. Thoroughly incompetent leadership, and it ain't changing soon.

  3. This documentary should be required viewing for the Portland City Council and the new DA.


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