Swing and a miss, strike 1

We gave another estate sale record acquisition a try this evening:

In contrast to the gem we dusted off the other night, this one was kind of grating. Bombastic orchestra arrangements, loud heavenly choirs, annoying choral groups. Which was a little surprising given the presence of Nelson, Ella, and the rest. But it was nobody's finest moment. Weak enough that it's a wonder Mitch Miller was not involved.

The label on the record label says 1973, but I'd bet the recordings were at least 10 years old at that point. Perfect for fondue and cold duck while stretched out on your shag carpet.

If it's any consolation, the album is in mint condition, including its original shrink wrap. But it's easy to see why it didn't get worn out by repeated play. You wonder whether the original owner got his or her $1.49's worth.