Ready to laugh, instead I cried

My visit to the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library didn't go as I expected. But maybe it was what the curators intended.


  1. Oh look, Anthony Scaramucci makes a triumphant return and he's got a comedian with him named Luke Thayer. Pull yourself together, Jack. You've already established that you hate Trump. You don't have to overdo it with a site put together by Mooch of all people. I do love the one where they said it was a crime to fire Comey. As if.

    I believe the real criminality here involved trying to remove a duly elected President of the United States with Operation Crossfire Hurricane. What gives the FBI and the CIA and the anti-Trump movement the right to make that call over the will of the American People? Oh, I almost forgot: He was an illegitimate President because he was a secret Russian agent and Putin got him elected. Do you ever take a moment to ponder how ridiculous your position of 3 years seems?

    And after all that didn't work, the Dems stole the election because the American People wanted Trump to have a second term and, damn it, that's not their call to make! I believe 17 states are now suing Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin after some serious shenanigans were revealed. The pattern is consistent. Vote counting was stopped and then sometime during the night Biden got spikes of over 100,000 votes all for him. This happened in several states and swung the election.

    Of course that makes me a whack job conspiracy nut because all these bad things have been debunked - isn't that the knee-jerk response? So be it. I remember back with the so-called Russian hack of the DNC servers when anyone who suggested Seth Rich could be involved was a major conspiracy nut. Meanwhile, computer experts like Bill Binney said they could prove it was an inside job, but that would have been science and you people are all about the religion of this. That's why Mueller didn't even examine the servers, for Christ sake. And you bought that. Of course the FBI chimed in that there was no Seth Rich computer and it had to be those pesky Russians dealing with Assange.

    Interesting development today. The FBI now admits they have Seth Rich's computer. Gee, how forthcoming of them.

    I wonder how long until the truth of what we just went through emerges. I don't hope for justice anymore. I'm pretty sure Brennan, Clapper and Comey will get away with it. But as with the Iraq War, there will be some satisfaction when the truth finally gets out there.

    1. Bill, you should get a gig with the Trump people. You could join the cast of Batman villains and be part of the worst American Presidency since the 19th Century. The one that did more damage to the country than the Russians and the other dictator scumbags could ever have hoped for. Hurry, there's still 40 days to be part of this.

      What's your point? The Democrats are no better? Surely you don't suggest they're worse. It's not possible. Even the Clintons, who are low specimens of humanity.

      You know and I know that the "truth" is far, far beyond the American media to ever give us. But come on, these people are crooks, murderers, and very, very bad for the country. The Supreme Court appointments alone are the worst in our lifetimes, or our parents'.

    2. There are two disasters here. One is the Trump presidency. The other is the reaction of my fellow progressives to the Trump presidency. Number 1 in the playbook is that anytime anyone doesn't trip all over themselves citing and agreeing with the latest anti-Trump rant, they're immediately branded as a Trump supporter. That may work to keep your fellow Jacobins in line but I don't play that. I call them as I see them - not through the prism of the Democratic party or any party. I just try and figure out the truth. I must admit I like trying to be an internet sleuth. I enjoy it. Frankly, I find these emotional outbursts to be a little scary. They remind me of a mob in the 15th century. They're primitive. Kathy Griffin with a fake severed head of Trump? That's just sick. What are we? ISIS now? Back to what we know:

      When an official in Atlanta halts a vote count because of a burst water main, and then asks everyone to leave, but then sticks around with 2 other people and continues counting from containers literally under the table, I suspect fraud. Especially when there is a huge spike for Biden right afterwards and then it turns out there was no burst water pipe. You probably view that as noble anti-Trump forces fighting a modern day Hitler but I don't. I think it was vote fraud.

      Oh, and where's the outrage when Twitter bans one side of the story? Or Youtube? Remember when we used to have a spirited discourse in this country? Some thought it helped make America great. You obviously feel that any opposing viewpoint besides your all-consuming anti-Trump religion is some form of sacrilege. I think America is in as much danger from that attitude as Trump's.

    3. At the moment we are heading for 400,000 Americans dead where there should have been 80,000. Only Trump could have been that bad. Stein would have done better, Gabbard, Clinton, Romney, Quayle, Dukakis, whoever. Even Sarah Palin would have done better. No one combines stupidity with greed and narcissism like Orange Caligula. No one. And it's killed a lot of people before their time.

      And Judge Budweiser and the Handmaid on the Supreme Court? Both hideous. Putzes like Barr, Carson, Pompeo, DeVos, DeJoy, Sessions running everything? Come on. You're okay with that?

      Donnie loves to outrage his adversaries. He's very good at it. He has the awesome power of the POTUS to yank everyone's chain. Don't blame the targets for being pissed and wanting him out of there.

      The provocations go a long way back. I hate to sound like a two-year-old, but they started it, a long time ago. "They" being strident a-holes like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich. Eventually, the left had to fight stupid with stupid. I'll trade you MSNBC for Fox News. Drop them both smack dab in the middle of the deep blue sea. Take half of CNN with them.

      But Trump is terrible. If you deny that, you've got to be kidding.

      And he's more terrible than the alternative. You can argue that latter point if you like. But the majority of people voted Trump out. It's not close. The Electoral College will also speak, under the well established rules, valid or not. He can continue his crapshow all he wants, but he lost, and he's getting the boot, and that's a great thing for all of us.

      Next week it will be Hunter Bidden's tax returns. Fine, lock his ass up in the cell right next to Jared. But just get Trump the hell out of there.


    4. "I see you're representing yourself. Are you prepared to make your

      "Yes, your honor. I was recently attacked on a blog run by Jack Bogdanski. He said I should join the Trump administration and I had 40 days left to do it."

      "So you're a Trump supporter?"

      "No, I'm not and I consider this language to be highly inflammatory. It
      could literally get me beat up and killed in Portland."

      "So you're not a Trump supporter?"

      "That's right, your honor, and if Bogdanski is among the few people
      who reads his blog he had to know that by now. My candidate was Tulsi
      Gabbard. I even wrote her and urged her to run and wrote a page of
      jokes for the campaign - many that made fun of Donald Trump."

      "Do you have anything else?"

      "Yes. Back in 2016 I had a cartoon called Talking to Screens. Here are 3
      examples of the text from those cartoons:

      "It's beginning to look like Hillary versus Trump."
      "Oh great, she's got enough baggage for a 747 and he's a hot air

      "So how do we explain Donald Trump?"
      "It's like if P.T. Barnum had a kid with Eva Braun."

      "It will probably be Hillary versus Trump."
      "Oh great, the pants suit versus the pantload."

      "Okay, that's enough. You've made your case. What do you see as a remedy?"

      "Either Bogdanski apologizes on his blog and refrains from making such
      false implications again, or I'd like monetary compensation.

      *"How much?"

      "How many stars are there in the sky?"

      "Okay, I get it. Court is dismissed.

    5. Bill, I was going to post this the other day but didn’t want to stir up your “Trump wuz Robbed” fetish, but since you dove in, here’s a nice summary of the situation.

      You can say you are for Tulsi all you want, and those of us who supported Pat Paulson for president get the joke, but at this point the Trump junta is seriously proposing a coup and hoping that they have sufficiently weakened the country to pull it off.

      Analysis | The false comparison of the Russia investigation with Trump’s ‘fraud’ claims
      For one, there's actual evidence.
      By Philip Bump

      Download The Washington Post app.

    6. 4 years of anti-Trump histrionics and I'm the one stirred up? No, I'm chill. By the way, a coup is against a government and Biden is not the government. Trump used the same word today to describe what stealing an election from him would amount to. So you're on the same level as Trump at least.

      Frankly, Crossfire Hurricane had all the hallmarks of a coup. They felt Trump was unfit for office and they set about to replace him using a made up Russian collusion theory they knew was false.

      But I can't pass the Pat Paulson reference without this story: I was working as a banquet captain in Spokane and the manager's philosophy about the PA system was, "If it works just leave it on." The cords were all a mess as well - crackling and cutting out.

      So our performer that morning at a breakfast banquet was....Pat Paulson and halfway through his act the microphone cut out. I tried wiggling things before just running him a whole new mike and cord. Before I handed it to him, I spoke into it and it worked but as soon as he got it, it cut out again.

      At this point this mild-mannered, deadpan comedian went off. He yelled, "I used to be on a network TV show and now I'm working in this toilet with this idiot?" It was hilarious even though I took the brunt of the jokes.

      We screwed around a bit more before he just finished his act by basically shouting it to the ballroom. It sill worked including opening his jacket to show the American flag in the lining, but it wasn't exactly ideal.

    7. Walker, You think I was joking about supporting Tulsi Gabbard? That's profound. At this point if someone supports an anti-war candidate in America they must be joking. No, I was serious. Here's my original email from October of 2018:

      From: Bill McDonald
      > Date: October 21, 2018 4:00:37 AM PDT
      > To:
      > Subject: The Future
      > Dear Tulsi Gabbard, (and what a great name)
      > My name is Bill McDonald and I was a professional comedy
      > writer with around 700 jokes on the Tonight Show. My material has
      > even landed in Time Magazine. I've been bragging about you to my
      > family for awhile now, because I believe that - should you run for
      > president - you could be the answer to our problems with foreign
      > policy. If you do run, you are going to need a rapid response team
      > to deal with the attacks that come your way. I would love to be
      > involved in that. I work cheap and I get big results.
      > One of my jokes once generated 12 pages of website listings. Not
      > 12 websites - 12 pages of listings in Google Search. Another of my
      > jokes was treated as breaking news on the NYTimes website. I see a
      > great line as a free political ad, and I used to enjoy watching
      > them bounce around the world. So I've got the chops and I've got a
      > cool head in an era when comedians seem off their games - rattled
      > by Planet Trump.
      > Do you recall how the campaign of McCain/Palin was doing
      > after their Republican Convention? They were ahead. However Palin
      > was a very cynical choice and as soon as they realized what they
      > had, the campaign tried hiding her from the public. It was up to a
      > small army of freelance comedy writers led by our General Tina Fey
      > that set the record straight through humor. I was part of that. I
      > believe we saved America from a major mistake. (Credit also has to
      > go to Katie Couric here for a defining interview with the
      > beleaguered candidate - one of the reasons they decided to hide her.)
      > Look, anyone can write anti-Trump jokes based on hate. You
      > know: Jokes that divide our country and make things worse. My
      > specialty was lines that made everyone chuckle - even the people
      > they are about. I could do that for you. But if you pass on me,
      > please don't pass on running. The country needs you. Frankly I'd
      > love to see a race between you and Nikki Haley. Wouldn't that be cool?
      > Anyway, best of luck going forward--Bill McDonald
      > P.S. In closing I'd like to include an email I just sent
      > to Tucker Carlson. They had a clip of some protester getting in the
      > face of a 9/11 widow on Friday. We'll see if they use my response
      > Monday. When it comes to writing political humor, it helps to have
      > a long memory, and I did it for over 20 years:
      > "You're an intelligent person, Tucker, so you must know
      > how wrong it is to have Ann Coulter reacting to the clip of the
      > 9/11 widow being horribly mistreated. Aren't you aware of her
      > comments about 9/11 widows in her book just a few years after the
      > event? How these "Witches" lionized their fame? I believe her words
      > were, "I have never seen people enjoying their husbands deaths so
      > much." Fact check it. In an age of rampant phoniness, rebranding
      > Ann as someone outraged by the mistreatment of 9/11 widows is like
      > bringing on the Saudi Crown Prince to vouch for freedom of the
      > press. ---Bill McDonald, Portland, Oregon"

  2. Someone needs a blog. Or a job. Or a blog-job.


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