Protesters of police shootings now pack heat of their own

Here's a story I missed yesterday. On Sunday, protesters and counter-protesters squared off in the heart of the 'Couve over the Kevin Peterson police killing. There were around 75 people involved, and a lot of guns were shown  by both factions.

Sunday’s march first congregated at an apartment building on McLoughlin Boulevard where Jeremy Brown, one of the deputies involved in the fatal encounter, lives.

Protesters, with “Back the Blue” counterprotesters in tow, then marched to Esther Short Park and Vancouver City Hall. The formal demonstration ended with speeches calling for arrests in Peterson’s shooting and that “dealing drugs should not be a death sentence.”...

Though protesters and counterprotesters have faced off a few times since Peterson’s death, what made this encounter notable was the large presence of weapons on both sides. At least a dozen long rifles were being carried, along with handguns, knives, bear mace and baseball bats.

Sign o' the times? The story was written by the Columbian's sports editor.