Portland's solution to every problem

City Hall knows only one thing: Hand out tax money to developer weasels so that they can build more junk apartments.

It solves the lack of an actual economy.

It solves homelessness.

Now it's going to solve racial injustice.

So predictable. So relentless. Portland City Hall is a bad joke that is no longer funny, if it ever was to begin with.


  1. I got that last week in the mail and wondered why I even received it since don't even live remotely close to N Interstate. Tossed it along with the rest of the daily junk mail.

    1. There’s really no sense in people fooling themselves into think that anything that have to say will make a difference. The council will act to approve this saying that it has something to do with equity and social justice and then pat themselves on the back because they’ve done such a great thing.

      It’s really ironic when you think that Portland’s urban renewal efforts have done more to negatively impact the poor and minorities than actually help them. I’m old enough and have lived here long enough to remember what the South Auditorium area and the area around Emmanuel hospital was like before they were leveled. The South Auditorium was mainly Jewish and Italian immigrants and Albina mostly African Americans displace by the Vanport flood. I’ve hear stories in the past about how Ira Keller, Portland first Development Commission director had a certain distain for those living in the South Auditorium area.

  2. If you read the article in the O one of the groups behind this wants some kind of payout to the ‘descendants’ of people who used to live near Emanuel before it even gets built. Sort of like protection money as in “yeah you can build it but we want our cut first”.

    The truth is that most people who might even benefit from this likely don’t want to ‘return’ to something that is not there anymore. Unless it was free or near free I doubt that they want to dwell next to a bunch of hipster clones and shop at New Seasons.


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