Par for the course

With everything else that Orange Caligula and his villainous minions have messed up relating to the pandemic, I hope you weren't thinking that distribution of the vaccines would go well. 

It's no secret that there aren't enough Pfizer vaccine doses for every American who wants one. But there are at least a few million more sitting in a warehouse, waiting for the government to decide where they're headed, Pfizer said.

After receiving emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration last week, Pfizer said Thursday that it has since shipped out the 2.9 million vaccine doses the U.S. government told the company to distribute. But Pfizer "has millions more doses sitting in warehouses awaiting instructions for where to ship" Bloomberg reports. Pfizer also denied it was the cause of shipping delays some states complained about, saying it's the federal government causing the holdup.

I wouldn't be surprised if Jared and some interns are in charge, the way they were with personal protective equipment. And screwing around trying to make money for White House pals in the process.

Thirty-three days and counting.


  1. A link to a Yahoo news article. I guess they cobbled this together in between the hard hitting article about the Kardashian clan or the article on Katy Perry’s new tattoo? They are not a news source, even if they ever were at one point. When the majority of their stuff comes from a site named “HelloGiggles” well you can pretty much dismiss anything found there.


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