The ultimate mystery box

One of the most awesome bloggers ever is Mr. Tony Pierce, down in Los Angeles. His busblog has chronicled his many journeys, driving Uber, working at the Motion Picture Academy, directing social media for mainstream medial outlets, the colorful adventures go on and on. 

But always writing. He's currently day-gigging at Los Angeleno.

Anyway, the other day, Tony said that he'd send readers a mystery package if they'd fork over a small amount of change to get it to them. To me it's as if the Pope said, "Hey, I've got some spare relics lying around here taking up space, flow me a Jackson and they're yours." I got right on it.

Well, the mailman just dropped off my box. It weighs seven or eight pounds. I have no idea what's in there. Tony asked for some prompts about interests, which I gave him, but there's no telling.

I will wait for the right moment to open it.