I'm as happy as the next person to be getting rid of Orange Caligula, his idiot spawn, and his cast of Batman villains. But I'm lukewarm about this. So far, these two have won an election. I'd rather they be the people of next year.

It reminds me of Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. It seems like relief, or hope, rather than recognition of actual achievement. It's as if they gave it to John Glenn the year before he successfully orbited the earth.


  1. Hey, I have an idea. Let's all acknowledge that being president is one of the toughest jobs out there and rather than try and destroy the new one from Day One, let's all pull together and try and make this work. Let's try that instead of acting like entitled immature brats who didn't get their way and won't stop whining about it and scheming on ways for the new guy to fail. It's worth a try, right?

    1. I totally agree. He's got enough to deal with. We have vicious enemies who are hellbent on destroying us. And that's just the Senate.

    2. It’s the whole GOP, well described as a cancer at this point.

      Opinions | The president and his party have gone to war against America
      Trump forced the GOP to choose between him and their country, and they chose him.
      Opinion by Paul Waldman

  2. It looks like I'm running out of time to unload my analogy from 2016. So here goes:

    Imagine 5 guys in a college dorm who all want to go out Saturday night but they only have one car. Some want to go to the club, others for pizza, others for a movie so they take a vote and 3 of them pick the club.

    Of the remaining two one says, "If that's the group's decision I'll go along and try to make it a fun night for all of us. I'll try to make the best of it."

    But the last guy is different. He didn't get his way so he goes along but he commits to being a really obnoxious prick about it. He not only ruins everyone's fun night out with his surly mood but he goes out of his way to cause trouble at the club and turn it into a truly bad experience. In short, he's a whiny little bitch and he's not just unfair to the others but he commits the ultimate social sin: He's uncool.

    Folks, that last guy? That's the progressive wing of the Democratic party in 2016. They didn't get their way and they became absolute motherfuckers about it. Let's hope we do better this time around.

    1. Except in that analogy, the 3 guys' idea of a fun night out is starting fights at the club and raping some girls.


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