Mr. DINO-mite

I was dismayed to see that Kurt Schrader, the Salem congressman, was one of only two Democrats who voted against the $2,000 stimulus checks.  He's showing his Republican side again.  He acts up with guns, he acted up with school closures for Covid, he's always got some right-wing thing going that's totally out of step with the blue Willamette Valley. 

Yeah, he has to answer to some knuckle-draggers in parts of his district on the coast, but they're outnumbered. His constituents include Wilsonville and Lake Oswego, for crying out loud. He doesn't have to cater to the Republicans. Yet he does.

Given that the Democratic majority in the House is shrinking, Schrader may turn out to be a real pain in the butt for the next two years. Let's hope that a progressive comes along and primaries him out of there in '22. He's pushing 70 years old; that's enough.


  1. Mark Gamba is going to challenge him again.


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