More Portland roving gang news

I've heard this story from a couple of different sources now: A gang of about a dozen young men waltzed in Mario's clothing shop on Broadway downtown on Friday, grabbed armfuls of merchandise, knocked over the security guard, and ran out. Thousands of dollars in inventory was stolen, they say.

This is downtown Portland now.

Mainstream media aren't talking. Nor are the cops. Guess it is the new normal.


  1. I don't get it. What's that mysterious clear material in a building downtown? Where's the plywood?

    1. Thieves hit and run an upscale downtown store for 10k worth of merchandise and the owner of Mario's does not report it to police? I Anonymous does not report it to police? No cameras? Are we to infer that this did not make news because said owner is fearful of repercussions?


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