Like a cheap suit

There is something seriously wrong with the Democratic Party.

It's the old people. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, people like that. 

They have no spine.

They are not too smart any more, if they ever were.

They are selfish and conceited.

In the Senate, they're almost all like that. The word Senate is from the Latin senex, which means old man. They got that right.

Today we absorb the latest outrage from the old coots.

The United States Senate saw out the final hours of this plague-ridden alley-rat of a year by doing what it does best: capping off a week of posturing by folding like a cheap suit. This is particularly true of the Democratic caucus, which talked bravely for almost a month about delaying a vote on the National Defense Authorization Act until Mitch McConnell brought an increase from $600 to $2,000 in survival checks to the floor for a clean vote. Whereupon all but six Democratic senators went over the side and voted with McConnell to move to begin debate on overriding the president*'s veto of the NDAA with no strings—and, more important, no additional cash—attached. It is important to note that, by the logic of the Senate, the country can afford $15.4 billion for the president*'s idiot Space Force next year, but it simply cannot afford the cost of keeping sick people from starving or being evicted. Dickens died too goddamn soon for these people.

A least the two from Oregon and the two from Massachusetts stood up.

Now, I'm not going to go overboard with this. I'm not going to say that there's no difference between the parties. I'm not going to say that we needn't care about Georgia. I'm not going to say that Biden and Harris was a bad choice.

But the Democratic Party is seriously ill. And some of us are noticing. Even when they pull their crap on New Year's Eve.


  1. U.S. is weighed down by octogenarian anchors. Please sir, some soylent green.

  2. Bennett

    What really burns me is they all gave asshats like Paul, Cotton, Rubio, and both those Georgia senators a free pass to wash their hands of it. Jesus Christ.

    Schumer needs to go. If Mayor Pete had any real ambition, he'd be finalizing a purchase in Croton this week and preparing a primary challenge for 2022. Alas, he's unserious.

    Warren should be majority leader.

    1. Well, Dems need to win the Senate before that happens. Odds for that are not good.


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