It's their party and they'll cry if they want to

The rehabilitation of the Republican Party is being prepared for public consumption beginning in about a month, but they can spare whatever they're planning to spend on me. I am done with that bunch forever. That includes the kindly, I-remember-Mark-Hatfield types who just want the little kiddies to be able to pray to a plastic Jesus in their public school classrooms. No Republicans, of any kind, for anything, ever again.

It's a shame that it's come to this. But the last four years have shown in no uncertain terms how low people are willing to sink to get their pet causes attended to. There have to be consequences.

A version of this is playing out on the University of Oregon campus. There is a Republican Party student group, and its members find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being photographed, mostly maskless, at a Trump rally that prominently included the Proud Boys. The students are being criticized, shunned, and some hope, defunded by the university.

The amount of sympathy they get from me? That would be zero.


  1. So what about the countless number of groups that marched side by side with the Antifa troublemakers at any number of Portland protests? Are you going to call them out by name and shame them also? So they are guilty of thought crimes only by association? How about we tar and feather them and send them to re-education camp so that they will fall in line with the approved group think at their respective colleges?

    1. If they're getting funds from a state-sponsored university, and they're having their pictures taken at hate rallies, then yes, they should be called out, too. Send me some photos.

    2. So you are the arbiter of what is considered a hate group? If you had been paying attention the last year you should know that the protests in Portland were made up by a hodgepodge of social justice grievance mongers and Antifa types. I could just as easily label them all ‘hate groups’ but to me they are mostly just lost souls looking for some kind of meaning to their miserable lives. The first amendment allows them to make fools of themselves so who am I to judge? Unless they break the law that is.

    3. The Proud Boys are a hate group. I let the Southern Poverty Law Center make the call for me on that one.

      And I have been paying attention. But I'm done listening to you for a while.

  2. Luke: Unbunch your panties, please. If you actually read this blog you will see that Bojack is not a friend of Antifa. You write, "The first amendment allows them to make fools of themselves so who am I to judge?" You are (I'm assuming) an American, so please judge away!

  3. Also: remember to never get angry!

  4. Well that is great about Jack not liking Antifa. The problem that I see is that he seems so concerned about the craziness in Portland (and who wouldn’t), but then seems so rabidly anti-GOP. And also seemingly taking the side of the party who are pretty much the ringleaders of the associated craziness and wacky policies. You can’t have it both ways.........calling out one side only especially when they have no real power here in Oregon seems to me to be somewhat dishonest.

    Not that I agree with much that the republicans stand for and there are a lot of hypocrites in the party for sure. But their policies overall resonate with me a lot more than the other sides do. And this coming from someone who as a child had parents who were loyal democrats and who were involved heavily with the party. Believe me, I spent my youth doing stuff like picketing non-union grapes, visiting migrant camps, making lawn signs, etc. and I knew all of the big names in local politics some who are still around.

  5. "CR's showing support..."

    More like a sub-reddit of incels.

    What is it with that team and the acronyms? They can never use actual words.


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