From Matt Wuerker

Via Politico, used with permission.


  1. I think the thing that's changed most in America lately is the stifling of dissent in the media. The media is a rubber stamp for the powers that be and the progressives don't seem to care because they agree with the official position. I did see several articles about the Hunter Biden investigation that mysteriously vanished from view until the election was safely over. Having it pop now on CNN was too brazen even for the most sheep-like followers of the accepted narrative.

    It goes back to the laptop of course. You know the one where Brennan got 50 members of the intel community to say it looked an awful lot like Russian disinformation. Meanwhile nobody in authority disputes that the laptop was real and it's a ridiculous notion to think that the Russians would fake thousands of pictures of Hunter Biden smoking crack, etc...just to put the laptop in play.

    Then there was the pesky matter of Hunter's business associate who had some of the damning emails too because Hunter had sent them to him. If it was fake there are thousands and thousand of timeline things that would have to be researched - anyone of which would disprove the validity of the laptop.

    Why then do you have to go all news blackout on the story? I mean the kid's a mess - we all know this. I can understand YouTube's new policy that any videos about election fraud will be taken down. That's what police states do. Buy why worry about Hunter?

    It's because of the role Joe Biden played in it. According to the emails Hunter was griping about the share of the loot he had to turn over to dear old Dad. He doesn't spell it out but a 5-year-old could tell that's who he's referring to. And why would Joe let his son tag along on Air Force 2 to China and make all these shaky deals if Joe wasn't in on them? Why risk your political career for no percentage of the profits?

    That's the big untold story of the last few months: It wasn't the outrageous amounts that foreign governments were funneling to Hunter. It was the share that Hunter was turning over to dear old Dad. That's why the investigation had to be iced until after the election.

    Oh, and on that point. Imagine you have a son who's had a terrible time with crack and cocaine. What kind of father recruits him to be his bag man to the Ukraine and to China? It's not exactly Father of the Year material.

    Look, you don't have to convince me Joe Biden is a major creep. I've seen the compilation videos where he's sniffing little girls hair and saying strange shit to them. There is a problem with this dude. I think the Dems would have been better off finding a great candidate who could lead us forward without all this corruption. I love how the Time cover called it "Changing America's Story". Oh yeah? Putting these long-term Washington swamp dwellers back in power IS America's story.

    Of course, the anti-Trump crowd is so fixated on getting rid of Trump that they see this as the end all of all our problems. They're going to be in for a shock when they realize they just fought like hell to return America into a dying empire run by the military industrial complex. Just as Eisenhower warned us. Get ready. It's going to be a bumpy ride.


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