From Matt Wuerker

Via Politico, used with permission.


  1. Go ahead..characterize this as a money grab. After all that would explain why Trump worked for a dollar a year donating his 400 grand presidential salary.
    Oh wait, maybe it wouldn't.

    1. Go the fine print on the Trump election fraud donation solicitation and tell me its not a money grab.

      Donating his salary is brilliant misdirection, great p.r., and a drop in the bucket compared to the haul the Don and his family have made running the world's greatest reality show. If you don't get that everything the Don does is about personal gain, you haven't been paying attention.

    2. I understand the GOP voter that supports Trump for ideological reasons. What I don't understand are the cultists that find something, anything, redeeming in this man's character.

    3. It's that selective outrage thing again. Most if not all politicians use any lengthy time in office to enrich themselves. So it's just a matter of who you want to be mad at. For example: How anyone who voted for Hillary could complain about this is beyond me. She practically had a blinking neon light over the State Department that read, "Pay to Play."

      Here's where I site an example like the Uranium One deal and then you say, "That's been debunked." Debunked is a magic word for many people out there. It means "Let's move on. Stop saying it's true when sometimes the truth can hurt us."

      The NYTimes had an article called "Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal." Millions came into the Foundation from people around that deal and then for good measure they tipped Bill half a million to give a speech in Moscow. What is not in dispute is that Hillary and Bill did not disclose these "donations" as they had agreed to.

      Another thing was that the minute Hillary mercifully left office, donations to the Clinton Foundation dropped dramatically. Why? Did the donors just feel like they had done enough good deeds? Or were the donations bribes in a pay to play scam? Take your time. Do you want me to repeat the question?

      Look at any long-term politicians and you'll find sudden riches have flown their way, wealth way beyond their salary. To shout that Trump is guilty of a money grab is like accusing the sky of being blue.

      Take my advice and go back to the Russian secret agent stuff. It was ridiculous but it was kind of entertaining.

    4. So it is a money grab then. I thought you were defending the Don's purity there. My bad.

    5. It's not egregious. Remember when Colin Powell called Hillary greedy?

    6. Egregious shmgregious. $170 mil in a couple of weeks is a fuckload of money to take from the credulous mob.

    7. If you pocketed the money it would be a lot. If you had to pay dozens of lawyers in multiple states, it wouldn't be a lot.

    8. Another baseless hypothetical. You didn't look at the link explaining where the money goes, did you?

    9. Well, at least you're consistent in screening out knowledge that doesn't come from the Trump fringe. You sucked me in for a while, thinking you were in some way amenable to reason. I'll stop responding to your trolling, selective ignorance, or whatever it is you are up to here. Thanks for the memories.

    10. You thought I was amenable to reason? Where the hell did you get a crazy notion like that?

    11. It looks like the New York Post just made my point: Politicians find ways to enrich themselves and their families from being in office. There's a story tonight about Maxine Waters paying her daughter 240 grand to work on her campaign. If you think it's racist to single her out, go back to the young African American Navy vet who was running against her. He pointed out that Maxine lives in a 6 million mansion that's not even in her district. How did someone with a government job for 40 years end up super-wealthy? Who knows? Maybe she won the lottery.


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