Fire sale

Forty-nine days left, and you know Orange Caligula's selling pardons hot and heavy. They're expensive, but if you have dirt on him or his kids, you can trade your silence.

I'm sure he is also planning to try to pardon himself. He figures it's worth a shot. Besides, Biden may not have the guts to try to have him prosecuted, in which case the validity of the self-pardon will be moot.

The crime syndicate in the White House has probably also floated the idea of Donnie's resigning and having Flyhead Pence do the ultimate pardon, Gerald Ford-style, but if Mikey's got any sense at all, he's already put on a wire and told them no.

In the end, it won't matter. Because "Tish" in New York is going to do all the damage necessary to put an end to the fake empire.

It will be great to be rid of him, but for the good of the country, he does need to be punished. Severely.


  1. Now we're getting to the heart of the problem. Trump just wasn't a friendly, presentable psychopath like George W, Clinton and Obama. President Obama was a classic. He could kill little kids with drones and then turn right around and weep at a service for our kids shot in a schoolyard.

    George W could kill hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq but it was okay - he looked so cute and cuddly clearing brush at the ranch in Crawford. "Ahh, look...he's riding his bicycle today." Clinton could order the bombing and murder of foreigners just to distract the nation from the Monica deposition but he was Slick Willy and he played that saxophone on Arsenio.

    Trump wasn't like that. He didn't come across all smooth and friendly so he must be compared to Hitler and sent to prison. For what exactly? When I asked that before the best answer was "tax evasion." Of course the main crime he committed was using dog whistle words about racism. Once you have been designated a racist by the madding crowd there is no prison term too short. Prominent comedians like Kathy Griffin will pose with a model of your severed head to indicate just how evil you are.

    Have you been reading the Obama quotes about drones and killing youngsters in other countries: "I wanted somehow to save them—send them to school, give them a trade, drain them of the hate that had been filling their heads. And yet the world they were a part of, and the machinery I commanded, more often had me killing them instead." That's a sick individual.

    What gives him the right to kill children in a country we're not even at war with? What happened to Thou Shalt Not Kill? But all that's okay with the puiblic. Why? Because he's such a pleasant cool guy. We love Barack. He's our kind of psychopath. Trump isn't. Trump is rude with racial dog whistles. He better pardon himself or we'll charge him with all the crimes he did in office.

    The main crime he committed was winning in 2016 over Hilary. There has to be a lot more. You just know he's selling pardons. But what else? If you're going to get this worked up over Trump what did he do? And where's the outage for the serial killing Bush, Clinton and Obama did? Oh, I forgot...they were pleasant about it.
    For all the talk about everybody being themselves, the truth is you better conform to what we want in a president. And America loves a pleasant psychopath. Trump? Not so much.


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