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Here at Blog Central, the great Christmas cookie process has begun. As you can see, it is still in the early stages:

And look, how sweet, one of the elves has made a new shape, just for 2020:


  1. No Orange Caligula silhouette cookie?

  2. Taking the concept of finger cookies to a whole new level.
    Oh, and John, I think that finger cookie is meant for the Donald as well as the year 2020. If you're keeping score at home: The number of deaths the Orange Caligula personally caused with his bare hands during the pandemic: 400,000.
    The number of compliments the Orange Caligula has received for fast-tracking the process and getting us a vaccine in 9 months? Zero.
    It's also fun to go back and read all the media types saying it could not be done and that Trump was misleading us once again and lying. Meanwhile, I saw video of the vaccine being shipped out to the country yesterday. Very cool. This could be the break we were looking for.

    1. It's great that the vaccine was cooked up in just nine months. I guess we should thank O.C. for not getting in the way, like he did with everything else connected with the virus. I'm so thankful to him I can hardly stand it.

    2. I just worry about what happens to the haters when Trump is long gone. He's been the focus of their lives for 4 years. They've been walking anti-Trump zealots. It's defined them and their thoughts literally everyday. So what happens now? How long until they calm down and pretend to be cool again?

      Maybe we could start with some baby steps. Try saying this out loud: "Although I've always hated Trump with all my heart and will continue to hate him, I'm a big enough person to thank him for helping us get this vaccine. It could literally save people that I love and I'll always be grateful that he pulled it off. Thanks President Trump. Now get in the van. You're going to prison."

    3. I'm more worried about the whiny cunts that go on and on about nutty conspiracy theories like the ones about the election that have been unequivocally rejected by courts at all levels, and endless grievances about all the slights that Dear Leader has been subjected to. Where will all of that paranoid angst go? Maybe they can all become Knicks fans.


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