Ex-Portland cop thrives in the 'burbs, not

This week's Friday bad-news dump was the firing of the police chief in the chi-chi suburb of West Linn. Terry Kruger, formerly of the Portland police department, got his pink slip after becoming embroiled in a bizarre scandal involving a racially motivated 2017 surveillance and arrest of a Black man in Portland. The harassment came at the behest of Kruger's predecessor as West Linn chief.

Kruger will get three month's severance pay for his trouble. He's been on paid leave since April. He's only been police chief since June 2018, but it didn't take him long to screw it up. He initially defended the cops involved in the outrageous racial discrimination.

The underlying incident occurred when another Terry, surnamed Timeus, was chief. Timeus, who apparently had all sorts of issues, was up to his eyeballs in the incident.

The fallout from the scandal may not be entirely over. Our law-and-order U.S. attorney is reportedly still on the case. But for Kruger, it meant he had just a quick cup of coffee in Clackamas County.

Maxine Bernstein of the O spilled the beans on this one in February. Nice work indeed on her part.


  1. In case you ever wondered what a flat top haircut was, that is a flat top haircut.

  2. I can't help but wonder if this Terry Kruger is any relation to the notorious Sgt. Mark Kruger, also of the Portland Police. Sergeant Kruger evidently had a thing for swastikas and had, shortly after the turn of the millenia, erected an 'ehrenbaum' on Rocky Butte as a memorial to pilots of the Third Reich. Recent events lead me to believe he might still be on the force.


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