Break out the aluminum pole

The alternative holiday Festivus includes not only the Feats of Strength, but also the Airing of Grievances. This year's Festivus finds us all adding in a new holiday pastime: gathering around the internet, watching hated celebrities get the Covid vaccine, and cursing them out.

There goes Mike Pence getting his – the bastard!

Look, it's Rupert Murdoch getting his – that asshole!

So festive. And just think, this will go on for months. By Valentine's Day, we'll be down to Megyn Kelly.


  1. I'm waiting for Ted Wheeler and Kate Brown, two of Oregon's most beloved leaders, to be vaccinated on air.

  2. Read it and weep: The WAPO on Trump Administration response to COVID-19; including lots about your favorite Stanford Guy, Dr. Atlas.


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