Banned from Twitter!

Now that Orange Caligula has spent four years using Twitter to do grave harm to our nation's institutions, suddenly the Twitter content police are becoming highly aggressive in punishing people who say things they don't like. This morning I was banned (for 12 hours, I think) for a reply I gave to Congressman Jim Jordan. That Neanderthal complained about Covid restrictions and asked "What would the Founding Fathers say?"

I've always known Facebook was evil, but Twitter's sliding into that same category. May they experience nonphysical harm.


  1. Twitter has been an instrument for Trump doing a significant part of damage he has done while in office.

  2. FREE JACK BOGDANSKI Jack Bogdanski, Portland, Oregon resident and local Tax Law Professor at the Lewis & Clark Law School, was summarily and without notice or due process, suspended from Twitter this morning by unidentified "Twitter Content Cops." Bogdanski's crime? Commenting on Ohio Freshman Republican Representative Jim Jordan's mischaracterization of the U.S. Constitution and it's framers' intent. Rep. Jordan, a well known Trumpinista, who completed law school in Ohio but never took the bar examination was referred to by an unidentified former law school classmate as "Jumbled Jim." "Jim spent all his time in law school working for the campus chapter of the Federalist Society and hardly ever cracked a book." "First Year Constitutional Law class his confusion was first demonstrated, the class was up to Roe v. Wade while Jim still was struggling with Marbury v. Madison." "When we got to Roe v. Wade in class Jim called Roe v. Wade 'legalized killing' muttering in his seat, 'Man's law must always follow God's law!" "When we talked to him about taking the Bar Exam he said: 'Who needs it, I'm going to be in Congress, and don't need to know how to follow the law, because I'm going to make the laws.'" Bogdanski's criticism of Jordan was not the only one; several historians commented on Jordan's "flawed" analysis. One of them, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, stated, "That guy is in Congress? He's as thick as a brick!" Twitter was non-responsive with regard to their unilateral action and selective enforcement of their "rules" (unilaterally prepared without even minimal "notice and comment"' rulemaking) against Bogdanski. We will continue to follow this matter. Meanwhile hundreds of letters of support have been pouring into Bogsdanki's law school address, many of them containing slogans like "Twitter Sucks Donkey Eggs," and "Death to Twitter", and "Hang Jordan,"

  3. Badge of honor, Holmes. Congrats!


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