Adventures in tartar removal

You cannot have your teeth cleaned on Zoom.

So over the river I went. I don't get out much, what with the plague and all. 

Driving over, I see that wow, the graffiti has gotten really bad. Portland is turning into a truly sad place these days. Go by streetcar!

I got in and out of the dentist's office as quickly as possible while still getting the job done. I wanted it that way. So did they.

Don't take the elevator. Use the outside stairs.

In the chair, with no mask on, mouth open, breathing. One other patient, on the other side of a plastic curtain, doing the same. Yikes.

But they know what they're doing. I'm not too afraid.

And for my bravery, I get a bonus:

Just the little sample sizes, but it's a major score. The world's best floss, and they don't make it any more. Some of it's on eBay for $90.

Don't bother making me an offer. They're all mine. 

I feel like a kid getting home on Halloween.


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