A big score in Eugene

The football coach at the University of Oregon just got an obscenely fat new long-term employment contract. You know what that means: It's time to check in with the famous blog UO Matters, written by Professor Bill Harbaugh. It's the only place to go to get the straight skinny on what's going on down there.

Here's Harbaugh's latest post on the subject. Among all the gory details come these observations, classic Harbaugh:

Ticket revenue is $0, student government has cut Duck athletics off from the usual $1.8M in student fee payments, and at the last board meeting VPFA Moffitt was concerned the Duck deficit might have to be financed from academic funds (about $5M of it already is). Uncle Phil is an old man, and I hope whatever promises President Schill has from him are in writing.

Chuck Lillis and Mike Schill will claim we need to pay coach this money because football builds the brand and brings in rich students who will pay high tuition. It’s not working...

Read the whole thing, and marvel how this writer has kept his job while telling the unvarnished truth about his place of employment since 2009.