Who killed Kevin Peterson, Jr.?

It's beyond my ability to comprehend how long it has been taking to get any details from authorities on the fatal shooting by Clark County sheriff's deputies of Kevin Peterson, Jr. It happened eight days ago, on October 29.

We still don't even have the deputies' names, much less whether their conduct will be reviewed by a grand jury. Are the taxpayers up there still paying them? Are they still in the country?

There's something seriously wrong with law enforcement when they can keep the public this much in the dark for this long.

But OPB has a story up this afternoon that's well worth reading. It is here. To get a search warrant for Peterson's car after they killed him, the cops filed a document in court on Tuesday, which gave up several details.

Sadly, the OPB story leads with the allegation that Peterson was selling drugs. That does not matter. At all. There is no death penalty in Washington for selling drugs. And there are no penalties of any kind for people who have not been proven guilty in a court of law.

The official version seems to be that he had a gun, and shot it twice at police in the U.S. Bank parking lot. But they're still not quite saying that. The vagueness is more than a little unsettling.

And here is a disturbing tidbit:

The investigation has also changed hands, after independent investigators in Clark and Skamania counties decided to hand it over to a separate group in Cowlitz County.

What is that all about? 

If you read the story and want to visualize what the police are describing, I posted what I could find about the crime scene, here.


  1. "much less whether their conduct will be reviewed by a grand jury."
    In the Breonna Taylor case, the AG came out after the grand jury and said they had agreed that only minor charges were warranted. Later some of the grand jurors claimed charges of murder or manslaughter were never presented and the AG misrepresented what happened to the public. And that was a high profile case. God only knows what goes on in an investigation in Hazel Dell.


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