Who are we kidding?

I had football games on the screen in the background most of the weekend. Hundreds of sweaty men lining up inches apart, face to face, smashing into each other at high speed, wrestling each other to the ground, some incurring life-altering injuries in the process, all risking permanent brain injury. You know, the usual fun stuff.

Because we are in the midst of a deadly pandemic and a major public health emergency, some of the games were played without spectators. For example, I don't think any football was played on the West Coast in front of a crowd.

But games in other parts of the country had people in the stands. Some games had quite a few.

Yesterday 6,000 fans screamed their lungs out in the New Orleans Superdome as the Saints hosted the Atlanta Falcons. There was even more exuberance in Indiana, where 12,500 fans in Lucas Oil Stadium yelled their way through the Colts' overtime win over the Green Bay Packers.

Both of those stadiums were indoors. The Indianapolis arena has a retractable roof, which was closed.

On Saturday, the University of Alabama played to 19,424 fans in their stadium. They beat Kentucky, 63 to 3. At least that stadium is open to the air.

It's obvious that some parts of this country are not smart enough, or don't care enough, to stop the spread of Covid. And of course, our federal government is doing next to nothing to assist anyone in doing the right thing.

God help our hospitals, and the people who are going to need them over the next half-year or so. It's going to be every bit as bad as they warned us eight months ago.


  1. Pac-12 is not allowing fans. Other leagues have varying restrictions.


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