They caught up to me again

It's been nearly three years since I ditched all things Windows and broke down and sprang for a nice desktop Mac. The change has been swell, although the Catalina operating system, to which I switched several months ago, has been a mild disappointment.

One of the nice things about the Mac environment has been not worrying about viruses all the time. With Windows, it seemed like I lived in a state of constant dread, with all sorts of contraptions needing to be installed to stop the computer from being trashed by bad guys. That didn't seem to be part of the deal on the Apple side of life.

Until today, that is, when I discovered I had picked up my first virus on the Mac. I called Apple, and they helped me install Malwarebytes, which found the malware and deleted it. When my free trial is over, I'm sure Malwarebytes will hound me to start paying them. I probably will, but it's too bad that I have to. The world is full of sickos.


  1. Malwarebytes is very good. I happen to have lifetime licenses I got before they started charging annually. But it's worth it.


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